The Top Ten Success Don’ts

2. Absence of knowledge

Knowledge is an important key to whatever you do. Everyone wants to be able to instantly transform and have the type of skills they’ve always wanted without the hard work and research. Even worse, trying to start a certain task or job without acquiring the proper skills can waste money, time, and effort. Do not pursue something you cannot do. Countless times have I come across individuals who not only foolishly jump in head first without proper knowledge, but they also have a certain air about themselves and feel they can do it on their own without anybody’s help. In the end, they eventually got frustrated and moved on to something different. Make sure you seek the help you need beforehand and acquire the skills needed to start your task.

1. No Clarity

This is the single most devastating business killer of them all. 85% of new businesses fail in the first 3-5 years of business. Either there was not any clarity, or they did not change what they needed to stay clear. Do not venture into the void if you are not clear on exactly where you want to go. Having no clarity will only cause you too shoot shots in the dark, not knowing what you are trying to hit.

Your outlook on life should be clear and long term, but that doesn’t mean you lose focus on daily tasks. If you really elevate yourself in these areas, and are willing to make changes, I’m sure you will accomplish whatever it is you set out to do.



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