The “Veriations” of the Soul of Veronique



Tell us about your logo.  Not many people will recognize the ankh.  Why do you have an ankh at the center?  What purpose does it serve you?

My logo was designed to make a statement. The ankh represents life; the creation of life; an inspiration of life. GOD gives me the inspiration that shines through my music. Like the ankh, my music is created to inspire life; to create a love of self and to cultivate a relationship with ones creator.


What was behind the choice of colors you used?

Red and black are power colors. My words are powerful and they truly are inspired. My music is my ministry and before I write and create; I pray and ask GOD to give me the words that I sing. Red represents the power within each of us and the black represents the faith that you need to move forward into the unknown with confidence. I consider my music a guide. Which relates to my answer to the next question.

Why did you decide to take your musical and vocal church training beyond the walls of the church?  What was the goal then and is it the same now?

When GOD gives you a gift, the people that need to be fed are not those Christians in the church. The ministry must reach beyond the church walls. I never really thought about a “goal” per say. But if I had to coin it a goal, then my goal would be to let people know that music truly transcends the traditional. My goal is to touch and inspire. Music should feed the soul; whether gospel, soul, house, country or whatever; music transcends the traditional…it’s universal.

veronique2You’ve done some touring.  Where have you been and what were those experiences like?

I have performed in the following cities; Detroit, DC, Chicago, Hartford, Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, New York, Jacksonville, Miami, St. Louis, Baltimore, Richmond, Boston, Los Angeles, Springfield, Lansing, Nashville, Louisville, Milwaukee, Atlanta and most recently in Phoenix, Arizona. Each experience is different. I have made friends and created new connections in each venue that I have visited. I am always humbled at the love I receive wherever I go. I feed off of the energy of the crowd and I always give 100% whenever I perform. I love it when people give me their honest feedback because when I give, I want what I am giving to be received in the same spirit that it’s given. I want my audience to feel that they are special and a part of what I am doing. So when they participate and are having a great time; my energy level soars and I always leave filled with love and appreciation.


Your initial musical training was with your father in church.  What instruments does Dad play?  And, Obviously he saw something in you that led him to teach you.  What did he see in his young daughter?

People always ask me how long I have been playing. I played my first  song (joy to the world) on my toy organ when I was three years old. My family (both sides) is very musical; so my gift is truly a blessing from GOD. When I showed an interest in learning, my father showed me the basics. I took lessons briefly but because my ear is so strong, the challenge was staying on task with the sheet music and not playing what I hear. My father was instrumental in helping me to cultivate my ear. I can listen to most songs and play and sing what I hear.  My father played trumpet as a child; he also plays piano, guitar and organ.


Of the two cds that you’ve released thus far, most of the music is dance-driven house music.  Will you venture into other styles as you create more?  What are are your plans?

Well the second project “Veriations of Soul” is just that; it’s a variation of different types of soul music. There is, of course, house music but there are also soul tunes (Veriations-the title cut and Playground); there is a jazz standard (My Ole Flame) and of course a gospel tribute (U Came).


What are you looking for in music?  And, what is music looking for in you?  Would you answer that for us?

You know most people look for fame and fortune; that is not my goal (of course I am not going to say no when it comes…lol) however, I look for the connections that music creates among people; regardless of race, color, religion or creed. And my hope is that my music will make me  international. I think music expects me to remain true to my artistry; true to my message; true to my style.


Tell us where Veronique is headed, not just musically, but in life.

What most people don’t know is that I hold a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and I am completing my course work toward my Doctorate in Public Administration (DPA). My career goal is to open my own non-profit that is designed to work with older youth in foster care. I am blessed that I have been able to be successful in my life’s work (human services) as well as walk in my life’s calling (my music ministry). Not very many people can say that.

My new project, “Journey,” is a “soul” project. There is NO HOUSE MUSIC on this one (but don’t worry house fans, there will be house remixes). I am excited about this project because it is a depiction of my personal journey in music and in life. AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!! The first single ” A Part of Life”; will be out in February. Be on the lookout for the video.


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