Tony “Mojo” Morgan

This month I will be interviewing, Tony Morgan, aka, Mojo Morgan from the UK.
Tony and I share a mutual interest, our love for the blues music.  Without further ado, I present to you, Tony”Mojo”Morgan.
BO:  How did you decide to become a blues artist?
BM:  I didn’t decide Bobbie!  It was just a feeling I have when I hear blues music, I was just hooked on these blues.mojo_morgan
BO:  Have you played in the USA?
BM:  No, but we are playing in Costa-Rica in August 2010, we are truly looking forward to this event.
BO:  Do you think blues music will live forever in view of the fact that music is forever changing no matter what the genre’ is?
BM:  I believe blues music will survive and live on and on throughout endless times.
BO:  What if any significant changes have you noticed in the way blues music is delivered?
BM:  I think it’s great to have all the styles of blues with funk, Jazz,  Rock, everything goes.  There is plenty of room for all sorts of blues.
BO:  What is the most awkward experience you have had as an entertainer?
BM:  Sorry to say this, Bobbie, I cannot think of one case, my friend!
BO:  Did you go to  a school of muisc to learn to play guitar or do you, like myself, play by ear?
BM:  I play by ear, my friend.  What you see is what you hear and get.
BO:  Have you won any awards for your music renditions?
BM:  I won an award in 1983 for my original songs in the Battle of the Bands in the UK.
BO:  Tell us about the best experience you have had as a blues artist and the bands you played with.
BM:  I have played all over the UK as part of The  Paul Jones Blues Band,ex Manfred Man Tony McPhee’s Band, ex Groundogs Stan Webb’s Blues Band with Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac and many more.  I must say that my tenure with these bands were all some of the best experiences one could ever have.mojo_2
BO:  How many if any CD’S have you done?
BM:  We have been too busy writing and performing our own material until we never seem to get into the studio! I have about twenty songs on MP3.  Come next year we will be doing an album because the demand for our personal CD has been great.
BO:  Did you receive any assistance by any other artist or professional while getting started in the music  business?
BM:  I have to say no becasue as of now I have been acting in my own interest serving as everything , booking  agent, promoter, artist and so forth and now I am seeking  promoters to begin playing all over the USA and Europe, that’s our goal.
BO:  Thanks so very much for allowing me to interview you, may all your endeavors be fruitful.
BM:  Thank you very much Bobbie!  It’s been a pleasure my friend…..Blessings, love and respect….Mojo!

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  1. Tony”Mojo”Morgan is from the UK. I really appreciate Tony taking time out of his busy schedule to do this interview, good luck, Tony, in all your endeavors

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