What happened? A rant about the work ethic of many musicians

I think it comes down to these 12 key deficiencies that many artists, musicians and for that matter a great deal of people outside of the music industry share.

• We are lazy
• We are undereducated
• We do not know how to win and we certainly do not know how to lose
• We do not have the social skills
• We are afraid of confrontation
• We are spoon fed with notions that we “can be anything”, so much so that we don’t put forth the effort associated with being successful
… Then, at the first sign of hardship or challenge…
• We are ready to give up on the drop of a hat
• We think a positive attitude is all it takes
• We don’t think about the details, instead, we just believe in the best case scenario
• Our egos have been boosted but our confidence is walking on eggshells
• We want instant gratification and lack the patience required for true success

Where does it stem from?

Different people will say it is TV, others will say it is the schools and the fault of teachers who are too afraid to point out a child’s areas of inefficiency…even more will say it is parenting. Regardless, it comes down to children growing up and not having the understanding of what it takes to do what it takes. And it may be a compilation of all these things.

We are lazy.

We are undereducated.

As a whole we are lazy. When I was a kid, I played outside. My friends didn’t want to be inside. We wanted to be outside, climbing trees, riding bikes. Hell, in my neighborhood we used to organize games in a field. We were active. A lot more children today are less active and want to play the games, be on the computer or be inside. Now this doesn’t count for everyone, but the viewership of television, the addiction to videogames, the growth in obesity clearly shows we are less active and a whole lot of that lack of activity can contribute to the lack of effort.