Why We Talk to Indie Artists

She gets Sammy's cd in the mail and is ready to cruise with it.I have a degree of selfishness with this endeavor.  I love music and I am fascinated by people’s stories:  Who are you?  How did you get to where you are?  What’s your next step?  What worked for you?  What didn’t?  Are you doing what you are?  If not, why not or when will you start?  I honestly enjoy listening to people.  And then there’s the part of me who wants to learn about what you did and how you did it so I can apply it to my own life.  We are all little pieces of each other in that regard.  As we go through life and build and create ourselves we encounter these little pieces of gold in other people’s stories that we pick up and put in our pockets.  That’s good information — or yeah, I’ll try it this way or that way.  When we stop collecting these little nuggets, that’s when we get stagnant and stop moving forward.  So, I want to know what someone is doing and how they’re doing it.  We all want to know.  That’s why we research the stories behind peoples’ lives and that’s why biographies are so interesting.

Gyasi GovanWe look for artists that to speak with who offer a source of inspiration for others.  Many of us are working artists.  We’ve got to do the J-O-B and the music.  Many of us struggle to get the work done whether it’s because we need more time or more money.  But, despite our struggles, we get the work done.

We can serve as catalysts for each other.  Touching each other’s lives and making them stronger.  Holding artistic hands across the land and the ocean and even across time.  We come to the planet to express ourselves and to serve our gifts.  (Well, I have a tendency to go off on philosophical and spiritual tangents but, I’ll keep my conversation on this plane…)