Amatuers and Pros – the School of Hard Knocks

I fully understand also when amatuers meet pros why the pros keep it moving and walk away.  There is something that the amatuer is missing; they haven’t gotten something yet.

The more pros I meet, the more I understand that it takes work and effort to do this music thing.  Study your craft; there isn’t a magic button that you can push to make your talent instantly appear at the level that you’d like it to be.

I’ve started working out daily.  Aerobics.  It’s kicking my ass, but I’ve lost eight pounds so far, feel better and I focus on the fact that it’s going to get easier every day.

I drink a gallon of water every day.  Sure, you pee a lot, but you feel better.  I am taking care of my instrument, which is my body.

I’ve started vocalizing daily versus once a week or so.  And the keyboard?  I’m on it every day.  I still don’t have a good grasp of it yet, but I will stay at it and eventually, bit by bit, things will come together.

birds_sunsetI picked up music theory books from the library and I am studying and learning.  Previously, I felt that because I was the singer someone else would take care of the music and coach me through any pieces that I was having difficulty with.  In my life that’s how it’s always been for me.  Vocal coaches were amazed at my range and this big operatic voice that I have and they were willing to help me in anyway that they could.  That was beautiful, however, because they did all the work, I didn’t learn anything except that people would make it easy for me.  When I began to cross over into the pro ranks, I learned that I need to be able to do this shit for myself.  I am expected to at least be able to create a melody to a piece on the keyboard.  I need to know what the root is, what key we’re in. I am expected to be able to grab on a piece after listening to it once and be able to have the melody and write the lyrics in minutes.

I like the idea of letting a tune marinate – or listen to it over a period of several days, then creating the melody and the lyrics.  Crossing over into the pro ranks means that you can do it quickly because you see the song as part of who you are.