“Drumming is the Real Food of Life” – Kebba Bojang

Gambia located in the western part of Africa, is one of the smallest countries and the most peaceful.  Sanyang, a village in Gambia, is well known for its sandy white beach – Paradise Beach – and draws tourists from everywhere.

Kebba Bojang was born there.  Born into this place where drumming, dance and music is an integral part of the culture.  In addition to drumming being a very natural daily occurrence all over the region, drums are played for different major life events: naming ceremonies, weddings, initiations, welcoming, etc.

As a child Kebba began teaching himself how to drum and as the old saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” an elder master appeared to help Kebba with his training.

Young Mr. Bojang traveled to different countries in Africa seeking to learn and grow in this art that his life had become.  He found himself in a variety of situations with a number of different groups.  He was the lead soloist for Africa Ballet from Gambia.  Working with them gave him the ability to travel even more as he shared his musical and rhythmical gifts with others.  He has also worked in Senegal, Dakar, and other places where there was gainful employment for drummers.  He has organized workshops and training for students and tourists including multi-day situations.

“Drumming is the real food of life and I will spend the rest of my life in drumming the whole day.  This is my everything in life because it provides joy and happiness for me and is one of the best medicines that keeps me healthy and cures me every single day.”