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  • Mugzy Brady – Keeping Hip Hop 100%

    Mugzy Brady – Keeping Hip Hop 100%

    At Indie Spirit Magazine, we like it when people keep it real.  Their art is real because that’s who they are.  The magnetism of African American Hip Hop has reached the entire world.  Mugzy Brady felt it in Australia and talks about how it has molded him and given him life.  He keeps it 100%. […]

  • The Artist-Producer Relationship

    The Artist-Producer Relationship

    Submitted by Justin Jay Beats   Acquiring instrumentals is definitely important when putting together any type of song project. In fact, many artists go through thousands of beats before they find the few that they can truly connect with. On a similar note, finding the right producer is almost just as difficult. Years ago when […]

  • Justin Jay Beats and How Hip Hop Moved Him

    Justin Jay Beats and How Hip Hop Moved Him

    We all know that music itself is life and it moves us all.  For Justin, hip hop music impacted his soul and the culture that goes along with it helped him to define himself as a human being, as a man and as an artist.  He’s extremely successful in selling the beats he makes and […]