Why and Who The Hell Are We Charging?

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Submitted by David Knight on Sun, 11/15/2009 – 10:35pm

I was reading the comments from the enough is enough, damn it article and by the way. John M., owner of M-PIRE Recording Studio, a beautiful recording studio in Los Angeles added a comment that I fully agree with. But at the same time, it fueled me on another subject that frankly just pisses me off!

It’s hard to have people commit to a project if and when there’s no money involved.

This is very true, more so today than ever before. There are thousands of musicians in this country and more world wide charging each other for everything including the kitchen sink. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to make money just as much as the next guy. But, my question is, how can a group of people who are working so hard at trying to make it in life and building a career with little to no money, afford to charge each other? Yes, I can almost hear you all screaming at me right about now. Don’t hit the unsubscribe button until you’ve read the rest of this article!

Allow me to clarify.  A full time working musician needs to make a living. I believe he/she is an exception to the rule.  But should consider working out a win-win agreement when dealing with musicians who are not full time, yet.

Seriously, this is the first time in history (I think) that I’ve seen non-full time musicians charging each other “crazy” money for projects. Then I’m hearing everyone complaining because they can’t afford to pay one another. The guitar player is charging $350 per song, the drummer is charging $325 per song, the bass player gave the best deal at $200 per song. Just using the above example, without the keyboard player, you’re already up to $875 and that’s one song! The average album has at least 10 songs on it. Simple math coming up, $875 times ten equals $8,750.00! That’s not including studio time, the recording engineer, post production mastering, etc. There are some skills, talents and services that you just don’t mess with.