Deejay K.I. – Keeping the Music Flowing

djki1Artists make music.  We want that music to be heard ideally worldwide. A part of that process is the deejay, the person who chooses what music is played at various venues. Thanks to Arienda Caron for arranging the following interview with DJ K.I. from Canada.  His work is an integral part of the music process. 


TIC:  DJ-ing is an art, yes?

 DJ K.I.:  Yes, in it’s own form deejaying is an art. Like painters, composers or photographers, deejays use their skills to capture a moment in time with music.

TIC:   How does one develop themselves as a dj? 

 DJ K.I.:  A good deejay starts off developing a love for, and a desire to know the different aspects of, different genres of music. This in combination with developed technical skills will bring out the true beauty of individual pieces of music.

TIC:   What does your homework or preparation consist of?  How do you work at your craft and improve?  

DJ K.I.:  The most important aspect of deejaying is song selection, that is why it is critical to know many types of music. As with any form of art, a deejay can improve his/herself with practice, and by having the opportunity to play in front of different types of audiences.