Dovetail – Being Connected to One Another

Let’s start off with a typical question – who started Dovetail?

Aaron:  Dovetail started way before it even had a name.  Philip and I had been playing music together in many forms for a few years before Dovetail.  I was started by four people. Philip, Daniel, Scott and myself. Our first EP was recorded before our first show.


Who started doing music first as a child, and how did everyone get started?

Aaron:  I remember as a little kid banging on pots and pans. I was always making noise.  I had an uncle with a drum set that I would play on every now and then but I didn’t get serious until middle school.


How long have you all been at this music/band thing?

Aaron: Dovetail had been around with primarily the same people for 5 years now.  As far as me personally, I’ve been playing for 15-16 years.


Who envisioned having a band named Dovetail?
Aaron:  I actually came up with the name. We were trying to find one that would stick for a few months and it came out o a dream I had. ( see next question for said dream)


What is the significance of the name, Dovetail?  Are we to go with the literal meaning of “a type of joint that is used to connect two pieces of wood together” – such as two brothers?  Why was that chosen as the band’s name?

Aaron: I had a dream of a shop in colonial America of all places.  As I walked in I saw the woodworker creating dovetail joints.  I found it pretty symbolic that it happens to be one of the strongest ways to hold things together and that it’s been around for thousands of years. I think the idea of being connected to one another was appealing.  If you’re in a band you have to be bonded to the other members.


Knowing that it takes a certain synergy to form a band and be a band, what did each of the other members show that let you know they would work out?

Aaron: The main thing to me was everyones work ethic.  You can become a better player If you work at it but you can’t necessarily become a better worker by playing.   We have had a few lineup changes over the past few years but the spirit of the band hasn’t changed.


How long has the group been together?

5 or 6 years


Were there times that you ever wanted to give up music?  And, if so, what was going on and what made you stay?

Aaron: At least once a month. Haha. Seriously though.  When you have been playing music as long as we have you need to keep evaluating and reevaluating what you’re doing in a regular basis.  For me even when it’s the most frustrating I can’t imagine doing anything else.  It’s play music or nothing.


What are band members doing when they’re not gigging?  What kind of day jobs do people have?

Aaron: I’m super proud to say I’ve played music without a day job for the last 10 years.  It’s been hard at times but I’m very blessed… In my spare time  I’m a unapologetic foodie,  I love to travel, gamble and drink scotch.



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