Eryk McDaniel Arrested for Playing on the Street

Eryk McDaniel, who people say can really play a mean trombone, was arrested for playing on the just outside Turner Field outside of the Brave’s game.

Last Friday he was just playing on the sidewalk, entertaining the crowds as they were heading into a Braves game, when officers came up and told him to leave.  He told them he had every right to play there, but the police arrested him.

Eryk McDaniel has played trombone since he was a teen.  He’s been playing music to entertain people on the streets all over the country and has never had any problems until now.

“I was in jail. I’ve never been in jail. What you do? I played trombone,” said McDaniel.

His attorney told him he’s allowed to play on the city streets because there’s an exception in the law for musicians, but he’s not allowed to ask for money.  McDaniel says he never said a word, but police said because he had his case out on the ground, that was enough for the arrest.

“When I told them it was a stretch and that was not the case, he just cuffed me and took me down,” said McDaniel.

Residents have said that’s it’s just not right.  McDaniel said that the arrest scarred his image and prevented him from reaching his goals here in Atlanta.

“Now people say, ‘I saw you get arrested, saw you in jail,’ and I don’t need that negative image that I started to pick up from Atlanta, so I might as well go somewhere else where they support,” he said.

True to form, the Atlanta Police Department would not respond to any inquiries.

We people need to stand up against such tyranny.  Artists should have the right to play music, sing or dance anywhere they want.  And, what’s wrong with putting down a hat and collecting money?

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