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  • Sarro Sarro from Senegal

    Sarro Sarro from Senegal

    One thing great about Indie Spirit Magazine is that we are bringing you artists from all over the world.  Sometimes there are language barriers, but the music and the art is universal.  We prefer not to make edits to people’s english because we want you to feel as if you are speaking to the artist […]

  • Chaquis Maliq – Harmonies of Me

    Chaquis Maliq – Harmonies of Me

        Sometimes you meet artists who stand out. Chaquis Maliq is one of those.  With a sound that is unique and unpretentious, she woos your soul like she’s singing you a lullaby.  But, she’s got that fire, that spark, that thing that you just can’t put your hand on and identify, but you know […]

  • Oran Gipson

    Oran Gipson

      Submitted by Bobbie Mercy Oliver, Texas, USA   I am going to introduce to my friends, fans and family my studio musician, Oran Gipson.  Oran was born into a musical family in Carthage, Texas.  His father,   “James Gipson “plays a mean guitar in the style of Chuck Berry and to me he sort a […]