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  • TIm Maynard – I Keep At It Every Day

    TIm Maynard – I Keep At It Every Day

        Being a full-time musician sounds glamorous, but it really takes hard work and skills beyond the music.  Tim Maynard is full-time.  He teaches, composes, writes, markets and oh yeah – he plays the guitar.  But music puts him in the realm, “it’s when I feel most alive.”  A lot of us artists have […]

  • The Involvement of Lights, Camera, Action!

        Submitted by Desiree Boise Lighting is so important in the livest of artists, whether it’s about lighting for film, photography, or for the music studio, it makes or breaks everything. Lighting is important because it sets the ambiance of a room and creates a mood.  You can get to a studio that has […]