Jay”Blue Jay”Jourden

Submitted by Bobbie Mercy Oliver, Texas
This month I am presenting to you a personal friend and musician, Jay”Blue Jay”Jourden. Jay and I met through a mutual friend or two, LOL. We were chosen along with Billy Jones Bluez and Thornetta Davis to participate in an online Blues Festival on Internet radio,livewithandrea on Blog Talk Radio. we had a great time listening to our music and talking music. The show went over so well the producers are putting together a tour. Blues land, enough chitchat, I present to you, Jay”Blue Jay’ Jourden.
BM: Jay, how long have you been a professional musician?
JB: I have been a professional musician over 30 years, performing in various venues, festivals and so forth.

BM: What if any music instruments do you play if any?
JB: I play Rhythm Guitar,Blues Harmonica, Latin Percussion, Keyboards, Lead Vocals, I write original music all the time.

BM: Who inspired you most when it came to music?
JB: I was inspired by my mother a famous Jazz Singer.

BM: Were you educated in a college of music?
JB: I am a self taught musician playing by ear.

BM: What positions are you currently pursuing?
JB: I am a Solo Artist and I also play in a band.

BM: Jay, are you signed with a major recording label?
JB: I’m an Independent Artist and have recorded on major labels as well…ABC Dunhill and Bearsville Studios (Warner Brothers).

BM: Please tell me some of your influences you admire most.
JB: Myself and all my friends and colleagues.

BM: Jay will you share with us some of your fondest memories?
JB: Fondest memories…..Wow…..wow….far to many… and they are still happening…I’m so Blessed…. My favorites I guess were all the concerts I’ve done over the years with AIM THE AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT…The Concerts for Wounded Knee and The longest Walk…also THE NO NUKES CONCERTS….

BM: What incident brought you and I together?
JB: It would certainly be, Max Millionz & Andrea, the host of a Blog Talk Radio broadcast, onlinewithandrea and the Internet Blues Festival with myself, Thornetta Davis, Billy Jones Bluez and Bobbie Mercy Oliver.

BM: Tell us in your own way how that Blues Festival went over.
BJ: I feel all of us learned respect for each other’s talents and we want to take the show on the road. Our connection (you and I) are very important to me and I’d like to do some shows with you.

BM: There is light at the end of the tunnel and I foresee a great future with this connection we made.
BJ: I want to take a moment to thank you, Bobbie, for having me featured on your Blues News Internet News. Lets start thinking of events out on the road!!!!

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  1. Captivating jazz vocalist: soulful musical storyteller blending jazz, pop & blues to uplift and inspire.