Meeting Andre Saunders

Andre Saunders is one of the vanguards of the music industry.  He started his career as a professional songwriter at the age of 19 in New York City.  He spent decades, writing, composing, producing, engineering, performing and became the first African American executive for Mills Publishing.   If there is anything related to the art of music and the music business, he knows about it.

His book, “A Musical Life,” documents his journey and is a fascinating read.  Besides the names of all the famous artists and musicians that you will recognize, you will be pulled into the story of a young Andre and his life.  His work ethic is clear and drove his professionalism as he dealt with the fast pace of the music industry and his place in it as a young genius, artist and businessman.  The link to Andre Saunders’ website is:

Also on his site, you can hear several of the top hits that he produced and learn a little more about this marvelous pioneer.

Andre wrote the article below in 2002 when he saw the writing on the wall as the internet began to change the music industry.


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