Michael Casanova – Music is The Perfect Vitamin for Our Soul

It’s great to meet people of all ages and all backgrounds who want to learn how to play music.  What I really appreciated about Michael is that he didn’t speak about stardom or making the next greatest hit record.  He simply wants to learn how to play music so he can play music.  Like a true artist, he asks nothing from it except to be a part of it and to learn how to express it.  That’s why we posted his story.  He’s a young man who found an attraction to the piano when he was in first grade.   He had to wait until he got into college to begin to learn.  Now he is making the effort to become a part of the Earth’s musical vibration and we welcome him to our world’s collection of artists.





What kind of music do you listen to?  Who are some of your favorite artists?

I grew up listening to Oldies and Country music thanks to my mother! Ha-ha. As a kid growing up in the 90’s I was exposed to the new pop and hip-hop genre. It was pretty much mainstream throughout high school too, but once I started college I began exploring new styles and covers by more uncommon artists. It’s amazing how much talent there is out there just waiting to be discovered. Isn’t it fascinating that it’s all available for everyone conveniently online?!

My favorite artist? Hands down, John Mayer! I mean wow. It’s unbelievable that I can relate to every single song he writes/sings. It has so much heart and truth, and you can just feel it. Not to mention his mad guitar skills! I remember watching this video of him and The B.B. King online not too long ago and man it was just incredible!


How long have you wanted to learn how to play piano?

Hmm, I can remember sitting in a circle legs crossed with all my 1st grade classmates while our music teacher played an acoustic piano and thinking wow, I gotta learn how to do that!


Why didn’t you do it before?

My mom was a single parent raising three kids and had all the love and support any best mom would have. She still to this day is the hardest working mother I know. Piano lessons would have been an expensive commitment at the time so they had to wait. Unfortunately, as I got older, piano lessons took a back seat for me in my head than a new laptop or new cell phone would, and then eventually a car and going out!


What made you sign up for lessons now?

I made it my New Year resolution to make a big effort in learning the piano, finally! So, while looking through my schools course catalog for the fall, Adult Beginners Piano stood out to me in bold. That’s when I decided now’s the time!


What is your major in college?Yamaha-NP11-Piaggero

I’m a Biology major. I plan on finishing all my per-required classes by this semester or next and then begin a program in Radiology.


How does music play a part in your life at this point and how will it make your life different in the future?

I am horrible with words; I constantly find it difficult to express how I feel. In the moment, it hardly ever comes out how or when I need it to. I admire the sounds the instruments design and the lyrics that always seem to be just right at the time, because by really listening to them, in a way, I feel like I’m being heard in return. It may sound complicated and weird but I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I feel a personal connection with music and it’s a beautiful thing.


Will you serve the music or will the music serve you?

BOTH! I believe music’s in our nature. It’s like the perfect vitamin for our soul! Music will be vital for me today, tomorrow, forever. I bet it’d feel amazing to be able to learn how to play and inspire others who feel the same.

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