Sammy Morales – It’s Never Too Late

You’ve known Albert Lucero since the two of you were kids.  Did you work together previously on recording projects, or is this the first? 

We were both doing many other projects. Albert has been recording for over 35 yrs.

What made you decide to work together?

I met with Albert in his studio and brought songs that I had penned and he liked what he heard and we became partners. I laid down the piano/vocal. Albert plays Drums, Latin Percussion, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, Brass instruments, sings and started playing the sax at the same time I did.  He runs the studio using Cakewalk Sonar Producer DAW software and to the point of mastering the projects. He has always encouraged me to sing; he has always said I have a unique quality.


Again, back to the timing question, why are the two of you collaborating on original material for you now at this point in your life?

What got me started was a song that I wrote a couple of years ago for my late Uncle Leo who was my mentor. The song is titled “There Was A Man”. Albert liked the song and we recorded it. I was happy with the outcome and that inspired me to keep writing. That was the start of our collaboration.

Do you feel you’ve missed anything by waiting so long to do this project? 

No this was my path. For me, I had to experience playing many instruments to inspire me to write music..  I love to play football and still box. It took almost a lifetime but I am very proud of the CD “What Is Love”.



One response to “Sammy Morales – It’s Never Too Late”

  1. Sammy is a true Artist, and ALbert Lucero is basically what I call a “musical genius” The two of them together will be incredible.