The Importance of Fans and People Who Disseminate Information

Lester McBride got so tired of hearing people say there’s nothing to do in Hartford, Connecticut that he decided to do something about it.  He started compiling information about events and forwarding emails to everyone on his personal email list on a weekly basis.  As more and more people found out about his weekly events emails, more and more people asked to be on his distribution list and information started coming to him from far and wide.   Over the course of a few months his email list grew to 6,000 people.  Now folks wants to be included on his list either as a recipient or an event submitter. 

Bands, musicians and anyone else who holds an event need to find a Lester McBride.  Someone like this is just as important as all the other internet vehicles that we use for marketing.  So, along with Twitter, email list, MySpace and Facebook, we’ve got to do a Lester too.   :   }