The King Honoring His Queen


What is a man without his woman?  Artistic souls who find love and support have the strength at home to bring their art to life.  We are reposting a story from http:/  A King’s Queen….


This is a message from a man to his wife. It is here because the woman that it speaks of is, like all women, a woman who moves the soul. The fact that she is true to herself is personified in her life, through the expressions and growth of her family. It is true that the woman is powerful and when she radiates love, she elevates herself, her family and her community to higher heights. King Wallace, thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. And thank you for the honor that you give your wife, because when you give it to one, you give it to us all. And to this beautiful woman, thank you for serving as an example to the rest of us on Women Move the Soul.


Submitted by King Wallace


I’m King Wallace. Today I write to the world honoring a wonderful woman who has filled my life wallace-wifewith joy.

This journey started four years ago. I am a small business owner and was driving with my three-year-old on the way to work. I was about to make a turn which wound up to be the best turn of my life. The light turned green; I took the turn to the site of a lifetime of happiness. There was this beautiful short-haired woman who looked about twenty-ish. Her figure was as perfect as the smile and beautiful brown eyes that reflected from the sun on this bright, sunny day.

My son said, “Dad, look a pretty girl. Dad let’s go say ‘hi’.”

I replied, “Okay son, what should we do?”

wallace-sonWith that, he jumped out of the car to show her his new toy which opened the door for me to make a move. I opened up the greeting with one of my own cd’s. She smiled at me and look slyly, but took the bait and allowed us to exchange numbers.

This was a new beginning of my life. God spoke to me saying “this woman you will bare a child with and start a family.” I agreed in silence with His decision and after the numbers where exchanged, I let faith and God do the rest.

I humbled myself and waited for her call. She made me wait – making this story of faith that much more interesting. Finally, the day comes when she rings my phone. My young son announced that she going to call just before the phone started ringing. I didn’t believe so at first but faith had worked for me and so did the Lord.

Coming out a bad divorce I didn’t know if I was ready. I just didn’t know. But, it wasn’t up to me. God knew what I needed and it was this woman’s love.

We married December 16th, 2011 in front of a judge in Beaver County. Soon after, Latrice wallace-babyAngela-Renee Wallace was born. My life couldn’t be better. We have become a normal family, and much like all others, we face ups and downs. But one thing I know is I have became a better man because of this women. Her love and support has helped to heal my broken heart inside my body and soul. Her remarkable beauty inside and out has kept this family growing everyday. She has two sons from another man that she allowed me to call my stepsons and I am honored to serve them as well as her. I am very proud of the spiritual gifts she has given to me. She cleans, works hard at a hospital and cares for all of us. She is the Queen of our castle. I want to say Racquel Renee Wallace, I love you every second of the day from head to toe. You are a blessing from God. Till death do us part. I’m proud to be your husband and I thank you for your love.


For all you men out there – honor your wife until the end. They deserve it!


wallace-selfKing Wallace is a husband to Racquel Wallace, an actor, artist and producer. He also expects to be publishing his book in 2013.