The Lady With Fingers That Dance

The woman in this video is from Botswana.  This video has received millions of views on youtube and has been posted, reposted, shared and reshared many times over.  People are amazed and dazzled by her “non-traditional” style of playing.  But, who says it’s non-traditional?  Who says there is a right way and wrong way to play an instrument?  Whatever you do to get the sound out and the spirit flowing through the music is what works for you.

She has been referred to as “The lady with fingers that dance,” an appropriate title as not only are her fingers dancing, but so is her soul and her smile and her entire being.  That’s what music is.

For certain, whatever type of guitar or string instrument you put into her hands she wil be able to play.  Because the instrument is only an extension of her body, as the music is within her.  It would be interesting to see her play other stringed instruments like a futuristic looking guitar, a harp, a lute, sitar, fiddle…