What happened? A rant about the work ethic of many musicians

Now sometimes there are reasons why something goes wrong, why something isn’t happening or didn’t happen. There are justifications and reasons within the industry or along a musician’s path that are legitimate hurdles and roadblocks, yet what are you doing about them? And how are you going to shift things to get what you want? This goes for the artists but also for every person that is bitching, whining or complaining about anything. Your complaining is pointless. Your action taken to make real change is what it takes to succeed. Saying you support something isn’t enough. You want health care reform? Then stop saying it and go out and research, learn and find a way to do something to move a potential health care reform bill forward or find ways to be a part of something that can directly effect your preferred outcome.

Don’t be like the musicians bitching on Facebook about the music industry, file sharing, royalty issues or which club, label or management that has supposedly screwed you over. You can be as pissed off at the RIAA, The National Association For Recording Arts and Sciences, this booking agent or that club, but what are you doing to change things? It is about getting off the passive protestor train and getting onto a train of real change. It is about being assertive. These “repost this message on Facebook if you agree” crap is not helping to bring about change. Instead, post a link for people to read entailing a potential plan and set up a document that allows electronic signatures that can be sent to the entities with whom you are hoping to inspire change. By simply setting up “I agree with this or that” non-dialog, you create a perfect example of part of the overall problem. Some people actually think posting a message on a networking site will change the world. Doing so is not a bad thing, it’s just not enough, and my hunch is it’s not changing much of anything.

The real blame and the real problem

What ever happened to true effort, the desire to learn and develop ones ability? What happened to the problem solvers? Where did the overall proficiency of an artist go? Why does it seem that those possessing the traits to succeed are so much more the minority these days?