What happened? A rant about the work ethic of many musicians

We don’t think about the details.

We want to believe the best-case scenario is attainable with no question.

We want instant gratification and lack patience.

A lot of musicians don’t want to think about the details. It clouds the dreams. These people don’t want to implement the work and the patience required, they want that instant gratification like they see on TV, like they see on the Internet, like they believe and have grown to believe is real simply on its own. They want to dream hard and just know that if they keep the dream alive it will all happen. More of these people are the ruby slipper musicians that are clicking their heels three times over and over again but still going nowhere. Sorry Dorothy, in the music business, it takes more than the heal clicks.

These artists want to believe the stories they hear that will lead them to the fastest success, they don’t want to hear about what really happened or how long it took, or the bad contracts signed and learned from, or, for that matter, how every artist has to find and grind out their niche in creative yet formulated manners. It is why the upper level of the industry is still flourishing to a point. Many musicians are ready to sign on the dotted line before reading the contract without thinking twice until it bites them in the ass later.

Listening to the wrong people

There are hundreds of folks in the music industry that lack of experience or knowledge, and unfortunately, starving artists seek them out, setting up a blind leading the blind scenario. With the Internet, anyone can present them selves in a way that seems to attract the business they are seeking and the information being handed out is often wrong, outdated or inapplicable.

Just because someone has a MBA in music business does not make him or her a professional consultant. Ask them for their experience or a list of who they have learned from, what they have done and what they are about. It is the artist’s responsibility to read the contract; it is the artist’s responsibility to do the background on someone they are considering working with. It is the artist’s responsibility to make sure if they are hiring a coach, a producer or anyone associated with their work that they know who they are and what they can expect from being aligned with them.

The perfect gig

For those that just want to have the good times all the time, get freaking real!!!! I hear about how this musician doesn’t want to deal with the business and that musician doesn’t feel he should have to do anything but be creative. Wake the hell up!!!!!

Basic example. Some band bringing in 50 million in overall sales and only taking 25 percent or less is not a big problem. While that same band years later are taking in that 25% but only making 500 thousand doesn’t quite allot for the same sort of lifestyle. Point being: you are going to have to work and do things that you don’t want to do. No one has a job where they love every single aspect of it. Deal with and take care of the crappy parts too. Its just part of life.