When Artists File for Bankruptcy


Okay, it’s not just artists that file for bankruptcy, it’s other people too.  We are living in a time where it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to take care of their financial obligations.  Shelter and food are always first.  After those two, it’s clothing and transportation.  We have to take care of the basics.

If you find that you just can’t make ends meet and the only option is bankruptcy, make sure you learn about the bankruptcy requirements.  And don’t feel ashamed because you are not alone.

For artists our dilemma is usually our art, plain and simple.  Artistic endeavors are expensive.  For musicians, you have the cost of equipment, the cost of recording, marketing, travel and lodging and more.  For visual artists, paints, canvas, charcoal, etc., those materials are very expensive too.  They don’t make it easy for us to pursue our artistry, but we try to make do some how.  For are lot of us, it’s do our art, be who we are, or just die.  I don’t mean die in the literal sense.  The inside of us dies and goes to sleep.  Our life will lose its vibrancy.